Verbal Bean


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  • There has never been a church like the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ under Bro. Bean. Most Apostolics have never experienced some of the mighty moves of God that happened in that church. The people in the church was like one big happy Holy Ghost filled family. Bro. Bean taught against cliques. This church had one of the most powerful youth groups ever in Pentecost. Bro. Bean had a very powerful partner in Nita Kay Shoemake Bean now Hodges. Great Sunday school teacher and music leader. If you wanted to experience miracles. They happened. The church at his death was over 400 in attendance What many people don’t know is that Bro. Bean in a round about way prophesied his own death. In December of 75 he put the church on a 24 hour prayer chain with many people fasting every day for one year. In december of 76 at the New Years Watch night service He got up and prophesied and said God was going to Visit and Judge the church 6 different times in 1977 and it came to pass just as he prophesied with one of them being his own death. He was a prophet. You could count on what he said as to being of God and coming to pass. You could tell exactly how the spirit was going to move in a service by how he conducted himself during the preliminaries.

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