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Evang. R. A. West
Evang. R. A. West

Randolph A. West was born in Varney, W.Va on the 12th of March 1947 to the parents of Tom and Ruby West. He would marry Marsha Lowe on Jan 4,1966. From this union they would have two sons, Jay West and Michael Paul West.

From the backwoods of Varney and Delbarton, W.Va. he would launch into a world wide ministry that would touch the lives of many and from that ministry would come ministers who would follow in the same path preaching the Name of Jesus.

The 1960’s – 2002 was his ministry years. Holding Tent revivals all over the United States, in auditoriums, churches, he would  soon launch into Radio W.E.M.M and on many stations.   Putting out a monthly newspaper, recording records (singing) and soon on Television in the 1980’s. The program would be called: The Voice of Calvary’s Echo. He pastored the church he built called The Fundamental Christian Church of Varney, W.V.a. and under that ministry he would ordain thousands of ministers. Offering a home Bible Study Course I and II that upon completion, receive a certificate.

With his wife by his side and his sons, they would hold some of the greatest services and he ministered with the theme, “Jesus Was More Than A Man.” His son, Jay West who played drums, sing and would stand by his dad’s side until God called this servant home on July 6, 2002 from an untimely death. His son, Jay West is at the helm of this ministry today and proclaims the same message, Jesus was more than a man. R.A. West Ministries