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Olivar F. FaussOlivar F. Fauss (1898~1980)

United Pentecostal Church International

Reverend Olivar Fauss was born in 1898. During his early childhood in Oklahoma, he attended the Methodist church. After moving to Texas, he received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1911. He began evangelizing in 1915. That same year he became one of the first 12 persons to be baptized in the name of Jesus in the 20th century. He was ordained in 1917.

Brother Fauss, his family and workers criss-crossed Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, preaching the Mighty God in Christ, and water baptism in Jesus’ name. Brother Fauss ordained 1000 ministers in his lifetime, and became a preachers friend by his kind and loving spirit.

Brother Fauss served as the Chairman of the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ from 1928-1930, and as the Chairman of the South Central Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ from 1930-1935. He became the Assistant General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International in 1947, and served in this position until 1949, and then again from 1951-1971.

After the death of General Superintendent A.T. Morgan in 1967, Brother Fauss served the remainder of the term as the General Superintendent of the UPCI. In 1971, he was appointed honorary general board member. Brother Fauss held this position until his death. His home-going was on July 8, 1980.