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Joe Duke (1912~1972)

Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

Reverend Joe Duke was born on January 14, 1912 in Catahola Parrish, Jonesville, Louisiana. He had no formal education. Being raised on Black River, Joe spent his young adult-hood as a fisherman. His adult life was spent fishing, singing, and preaching. He married Margaret Duke, and one son (Neal) was born to this union .

Brother Duke received the Holy Ghost during a revival conducted by Brother Sam Henderson. Afterwards he traveled for some time with Brother Henderson, helping conduct revival campaigns. He was also a companion in ministry with Brother Arthur W. Sassman.

Brother Duke participated in the miracle ministry. Throughout his ministry, hundreds of afflicted people were delivered from infirmities and desease under the operation of the gift of healing that he possessed. However, over the years, he gradually succumbed to blindness, but his ministry was never hindered by his personal affliction.

Brother Duke was greatly used by God, especially in the gifts of the Spirit. Under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, Brother Duke frequently operated through the gift of discernment, the gift of prophecy, and the word of knowledge. Through these gifts he was able to induce true repentance and open confession.

Brother Duke was a member of the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ before joining the United Pentecostal Church in 1950. He later joined the Apostolic Ministers Fllowship, and remained with that group until his demise.

Brother Duke helped in the formation of new churches. One partucular time the UPC suspended his license because of his plain speech against sin. This good man of God fully gave himself to the work of the Lord. He literally broke down his body from his intense schedle of traveling, and many years of labor.

At the age of 60, and completely worn out physically, he appeared to be much older than he actually was. On May 5, 1972 Brother Duke was set free from his mortal body of corruption, and went home to his eternal rest.

Leaving behind a tremendous legacy, Elder Duke is best remembered for his ministry of healing, and the ability to move people to open confession. He was intensly set against power of sin, and was purposed to redirect the path of those who had wandered off course.