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Rev. James Tyson
Rev. James Tyson

James E. Tyson (1927~2011)

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

James E. Tyson was born May 25, 1927 in the mountains of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the first child of Cleophus and Annia McCray Tyson. At the age of 15 James’ fathe, desiring to expose his family to a more varied life, transplanted them to Youngstown, Ohio. James’ life and character were shaped by several key factors. His parents’ insistence that he be brought up in a godly environment.

At the age of 16 he left Johnstown and ventured to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he lived with an aunt and uncle, worked in the shipyards as a welder and went to high school at night, graduating from Standard Evening High School in Philadelphia. James’ inventivness and technical aptitude surfaced during this period of his life. It was during this period that his well-known ability to articulate intelligently on just about any subject was developed. This ability came to bear early in his life with his deep yearning to learn and his discilpined reading patterns.

Apparently, working on the ships in the shipyards his apetit whetted for the sea, because he soon enlisted into the United States Navy as a stewards mate where he served at the NRS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, NTC Bainbridge, Maryland: Tad; Cen. Shoemaker, California. After his training, he served aboard the USS Argonne, USS APL27, USS Lexington and USS Shangri-La, where he sometimes spent as long as three months at a time at sea.

In 1946, James was baptized with the Holy Ghost in Youngstown, Ohio, under the pastorate of the late Bishop Raymond L. Robinson. James and Evelyn Hanesworth were united in marriage on June 18, 1948, and to this union was born five children. In 1947 James was called to to the ministry. He has had a long and stories career. Beginning with serving as a lay minister, Bishop Tyson moved through the ranks as an assistant pastor under Bishop Robinson, and has pastored five assemblies including his present charge. Bishop was also chosen to serve the PAW as diocesan of the Oklahoma State Council, the Iowa/Nebraska State Council, the Montana and Dakotas Council, and is currently serving as diocesan of the fourth Episcopal District. In 1998 Bishop Tyson was elected as the Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. He is renowned as a dynamic preacher, teacher, scholar, great builder, visionary, and lover of mankind.