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Glenn C. CookGlenn A. Cook (1867~1948)
Apostolic Faith Movement

Reverend Glenn A. Cook was born in 1867. Originally a Baptist minister from Indianapolis, Indiana, he worked for a daily newspaper in Los Angeles, California. At the onset of the Pentecostal revival at Azusa Street in 1906, Cook resigned his position with the newspaper to work full-time with William J. Seymour. During this time, Brother Cook handled the finances, and correspondence at the Azusa Mission, and began assisting in the publication of the Apostolic Faith Newspaper.

During early 1907, he brought the message of Pentecost to Indianapolis, Indiana, which quickly became an epicenter for the new movement. He also held highly successful campaigns in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. In April of 1914, in Belvedere, California, Glenn Cook and Frank Ewart re-baptized each other in the name of Jesus.

That same year, Brother Cook traveled throughout the Midwest and South, proclaiming the Jesus’ name message. Others re-baptized in Jesus’ name by Glenn Cook include G.T. Haywood, who later became the first presiding bishop over the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Brother Cook later worked for many years with Frank Ewart in the Los Angeles vacinity. In 1948 Brother Cook passed away, leaving an unforgettable legacy to Oneness people world-wide.