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Frank Bartleman 23 years oldFrank Bartleman (1871~1936)

Apostolic Faith Movement

Reverend Frank Bartleman was born in 1871. He was an early Pentecostal evangelist, and the primary chronicler of Pentecostal origins in Los Angeles. On October 15, 1893, Bartleman was converted. The following summer he received his call into full time ministry, and began formal preparation by attending Temple College, and briefly at Moody Bible Institute. He also ministered with the Salvation Army, the Weslyn Methodists, Piller of Fire, and the Penial Missions while working at a number of tent making jobs.

The tragic loss of his first child in 1901, had a profound effect on Brother Bartleman, and as a result, he reaffirmed his commitment to the ministry. Brother Bartleman attended the Azusa Street Mission, and prayer meetings led by William J. Seymour from 1906-1908. He seldom remained at one address for very long. Bartleman preached as an itinerant evangelist for 43 years.

Theologically, Bartleman was always looking for the latest work of God. He wished for more unity among Pentecostals, and he wrote a book on the deity of Christ, arguing for liberty of conscience in the Jesus’ name baptismal formula controversy. Brother Bartleman died on the afternoon of August 23, 1936.