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Ella Lee Donaldson Kilgore (Wife)
C. P. Kilgore and Ella Lee Donaldson Kilgore (Wife)

Claude P. Kilgore (1919~1959)

United Pentecostal Church International

Reverend Claude P. Kilgore was born on July 5, 1887, in the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. His mother died when he was only five years old, and his father, who ran a saloon raised him. There was not much to hope for for this young man who lived in the hills of Arkansas, but when he was 29 years old, Roxie Huges held a tent revival in the hills for a second summer.

Claude’s wife, Ella Lee, became interested in the meetings, but he wanted no part of it. He even took the family by foot on a vacation to visit his brother across the mountains to keep his wife from attending the services. After one night of visiting, he was ready to go home. Once back home, Ella Lee quietly laid out his clothes, and prepared his bath so that he would have no excuse for not attending the tent meeting. God brought conviction to his heart, and he was filled with the Holy Ghost. He stated that he “felt like he was walking on air” for fives days afterward. Claude immediately began to share the gospel with other people, and was given the revelation of Jesus’ name baptism.

Claude entered the ministry in 1919. He was licensed with the Assemblies of God for two years. Before he received the revelation on the Oneness of God, he had baptized two men in the titles. A Brother Reed in Hot Springs, Arkansas witnessed to him about Jesus being the Mighty God, and baptism in Jesus’ name. Sometime after his conversion, while conducting a baptismal service along a creek bank, the two brothers showed up, and Bro. Kilgore re-baptized them in Jesus’ name.

Claude worked operating a crane that loaded pine logs onto boxcars. fter he received the Holy Ghost, it seemed to him as though each log was a soul. He has a passion to win the lost and tell others what he had experienced. In 1919, the Kilgore family began to travel extensively throughout North America, evangelizing in a wagon. Later, they were blessed with an old car, and finally they acquired a car, and a trailer. They traveled through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Missouri. Ella Lee was a constant support as she prayed, worked in the altar, and kept him encouraged.

C.P. Kilgore built brush arbors, made tents for tent revivals, and traveled extensively in order to spread the gospel. He pioneered 15 churches, but never settled down in pastoral work. He was a prayer warrior, a faith preacher, and he had a passion for winning souls to Christ. Brother Kilgore preached for 44 years, averaging one sermon a day for those 44 years. He baptized over 10,000 people. The last church he built was in Morris, Oklahoma. Brother Kilgore passed away in 1959.