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Arlie Otis Holmes (1911~1985)

Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

A.O. Holmes was born in Tyler Town, Mississippi, on June 10, 1911. He established churches in: Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas before going to North Little Rock, Arkansas in 1946.

Under his leadership, the First Pentecostal Church “Buckeye” grew from a small work to a large congregation. He was the founder of Buckeye Christian School, Lakeview Childrens Home, and a Nursing Home.

Bro. Holmes preached the “Hour of Deliverance” radio broadcast for 25 years. He also started a jail ministry in Little Rock.

Arlis Holmes was responsible for influencing many to become ministers. Many Pentecostal Churches across the country can be traced back to his ministry and leadership. Brother Holmes dies on April 7, 1985. His son Joel now pastors the First Pentecostal Church in North Little Rock