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William Lee Bonner (1921~2015)

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The roots of the illustrious life of Bishop William L. Bonner began in 1921 at his birthplace in Bolden County, Georga. Bishop Bonner as he is well known and respected in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, left Georiga in the early 1940’s, and went to New York City. He had just been baptized under the ministry of Elder bolinger. When he left Georgia, William had no interest in being a preacher, but only to become a businessman.

Upon his arrival in New York, Bishop Lawson offered him a job as his personal chauffeur. Shortly thereafter, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then, after he and Bishop Lawson’s secretary, Ethel Mae were married, William received his call to preach.

In 1947, Bishop Lawson sent Elder Bonner to Detroit, Michigan to pastor a small storefront church.Under his anointed ministry the little church began to grow. In 1961, Bishop Lawson passed away, and Bishop Bonner was called upon to assume the pastorate of the “Mother church” Refug Temple in Harlem, New York. However, he remained the pastor of the church in Detroit, fulfilling the unique responsibility of pastoring two churches t the same time.

In 1973, he was elevated as the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. bishop Bonner is a preacher’s preacher.His style is unique, and his anointing is as real as it gets. Today, Bishop Bonner pastors churches in Detroit, New York, Mississippi, Washington, D.C., and South Carolina. He has also built the William L.Bonner School of Bible and Theology, located in South Carolina. The COOLJC as an organization is in coonstant revival. The churches are filled to capacity as people are finding the Pentecostal power through this great body of Apostolic believers.

On April 3, 2015 at the age of 93, the beloved Bishop William Lee Bonner fell on sleep after serving his generation.