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Visions of Coming Judgment ~ Pastor T.D. Hale

Vision One: Storms, drought, plagues, famine. (Dec. 26)

Vision Two: I saw an attack on Israel, a heavy attack. No timeline but much weeping as I heard the scripture, “Rachel weeping for her children.” (Dec. 26)

Vision Three: I saw a land mass, very big. I believe it to be America. I saw the Tectonic Plates start back and forth and then the land raised up and buildings swaying back and forth like drunk men. Panic, people running for cover but also running for food. (Dec. 26)

Vision Four: I begin to see so much hungry that people were trying to capture these birds and eat them. Raw! (Dec. 26)

Vision Five: WAR – I was taken in the middle of war. I could see the fighting on the ground, in the air, people coming out of planes, could not make out where but I could see Americans fighting. (Dec. 26)

Vision Six: The Stock Market Bull (Dec. 26) The day after Christmas in a very unusual day, I saw several things but one I would like to leave here. I was standing in N.Y. oddly in front of this so called brass bull (or whatever is is). As I was looking at it, it started to move his head as if it was coming alive. It look at me in a very mean way as if it was going to attack me. Just as a bull fighter standing in an arena, it begin to move his hoof back and forth, back and forth. From his nostrils came out smoke at first, from there next came fire. I thought, “I better get out of the way.” About that time I moved quickly and it begin to charge towards me as I moved and when it did, I quickly turned so it would miss me. When I turned, I was looking in from of the stock market. It ran as hard as it could towards that building and hit the front of the build in full force. The whole front of that building begin to crack into a million pieces and tumbled down.

Vision Seven: A heavy Fear and Depression came upon people. I could see their faces in what looked like panic. People wondering around aimlessly. The Spirit of the Lord said to tell the people to get into heavy prayer NOW. (Dec. 26)

Vision Eight: I saw the map of America. All of the U.S. I could see Islamic flags all over the nation but not just Islamic flags, ISIS! (Dec. 26)

Vision Nine: I saw people holding gold in their hands, silver coins and it all turned into sand and went through their fingers. In this same vision, I could see oil wells on land but the odd thing is that I could see many all over and each one blew like a gusher opening up going into the air, down to the ground and the ground took it back in like water going back into the ground. (Dec. 26)

Vision Ten: WOE, WOE, WOE to those who have not been sealed in the day of calamity. I saw people kneeing by themselves praying and an angel stepped up and wrote something on their head. I could not see what it said but what I know by the Word, I believe that person somehow was sealed with the Holy Ghost because of the condition of their hearts were ready to receive. They were not in a church, they were in their bedroom, living room and so on. One by one, people dropping to their knees. Revival breaking out. (Dec. 26)

Vision Eleven: I saw towns under water, almost like the water was hooved up over some towns and cities. (Dec. 26)

Vision Twelve: I saw poor Billy Graham in repose. He looked like a skeleton. I know we have heard things about his death. I do believe from this, he will die soon or this year. (Dec. 26)