R. A. West


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  • I shall never forget the R.A
    West Ministries. Brother West Baptised me in the Princeton WV Church
    Many Traveled with me to the Convention in Crosslanes. Princeton WV and the Home Church Varney WV
    Brother West was a Full “TRUTH” Jesus Man
    I have now Started a Ministry for the Name of Jesus
    Brother West would be Proud of those. That went Forth from The Ministry God Ordained. To Preach the Revelation Of Jesus Christ. To bring Honor to the Name of Jesus Christ Amen

  • I was in service with, and worked in this ministry for nearly twelve years.

    Bro. West was an amazing ambassador for Jesus’ Name. He lived and breathed what he preached!

    The Word he preached was confirmed by miracles of Healing, and most importantly, lost souls coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

    The revelation of Jesus Christ being “More Than A Man” was the theme of Bro. West’s existence!

    He viewed every individual he met as a unique creation from God. Regardless of who they were, how they lived, pauper or prince, all people were in the mind of God before the foundation of the world who became separated from Him because of sin.

    Brother West’s mission was to seek the lost and lead them to Jesus.

  • Brother Tom this is a Beautiful Rendition of the Work that God Called Brother West into. I thank Jesus that I to was Chosen from the Foundation of the World. Brother West had a deep seated Revelation of Exactly WHO Jesus Christ was
    The Anointing that he carried was given to those that wanted a deeper walk with Jesus
    We that accepted that TRUTH are now commissioned to go forth, with All the Authority in Jesus Name
    The Lord would hand pick those such people out, to Brother West
    Signs and Wonders followed those that are called by the Name of Jesus Christ
    We.must go forth in the Integrity of His Name
    God Bless

  • Pastor Andrew Pitre from Houma La. I met Bro.West in 1980, he touch my family and I in way you wouldn’t believe. He was God’s anointed. a true man of God that loves everybody. and his music and singing and his preaching was so anointed. I have a lot of his preaching tape and his monthly Voice of Calvary’s echo.

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