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  • Where does Bishop Willie Lee fit in here. I know that he pastored the “mother” church in Indianapolis. Indiana for 16 or so years. . .yet there is hardly any mention of him in the history of the PAW. People certainly loved him from all over the world. Usually, when they traveled to the US
    they did not leave before stopping by the “Temple”. So, please clue me in on what the problem is. Same with Bishop Brisbin, Bishop Paddock,
    There was a bishop in Northern Indiana who fellowshipped regularly with the saints at Christ Temple. Bishop Urshan, and the UPC did same.
    I truly believe that once we relinquish some of the jealousies, hatred and racial undertones still harboured by “some” we will get it right. Hopefully before the coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.. . .I never heard any “smirch’s” on the names of any of these men concerning “wine, women and song. . . .babies outside of their marraige” yet they appear to be esteemed less than some whose names were “out there”. . .and I feel strongly that they ought to be heralded as faithful men of God. I don’t care how smart you are, if you commit sin. . . . .Let’s get it right saints.

    Bishop Lee and Bishop’s Paddock and Brisbin often travelled together when attending conventions and overseas

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