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David Gray (1917~1996)

United Pentecostal Church International

Reverend David Gray was born on May 6, 1917 in Yokohama, Japan. He was baptized in Jesus’ name and received the Holy Ghost on September 22, 1931. He was married to Emily Belle Butler on November 22, 1936. Brother Gray was called to the ministry in 1936. He was ordained in 1939.

Brother Gray founded and or pastored churches in Pasadena, Turlock, San Diego, and Oakland, California. He was a great speaker on Harvestime in 1982, and was a Bible teacher and evangelist at numerous meetings. Brother Gray authored several books. He earned two Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Theology, and Doctor of Christian Literature.

In 1945 Brother Gray went to San Diego, and established Revival Tabernacle. Starting in a store-front on 7th street in the downtown area, the church moved to several locations. The church is presently located on six acres of property, known as, “Pentecostal Park”. The present church wa designed and built after the style of the Tabernacle in the Old Testiment.

Brother David Gray was a giant soldier of God. He went to be with the Lord on April 23, 1996. More than fifty pastors, missionaries, and evangelists have been the product of his lif and ministry. He lived what he taught, and that is the best way in which to describe his life.